Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pick up that Paintbrush!

Frustrated with yourself about never getting your mini's painted? Can't seem to remember the last time you sat down and painted something? Wish you had a that beautifully painted army you always dreamed of?! WELL GUESS WHAT! YOU CAN!!!!

Okay enough infomercial. Seriously now, I walked into the club today and it dawned on me that only 2 people have painted armies out of 10... and those 8 who didn't had all the same excuses:

"I don't have time." "I keep forgetting." "I'm not a good painter." "I can never seem to pick up a paintbrush." etc etc etc. Excuses people! I have a tip for all those people who always seem to forget to simply start painting. Do this:


Set up a small display table next to somewhere you frequently find yourself. REASONABLE of course. Your wife probably won't appreciate a Daemon Prince staring at her while she's on the toilet. Example

This folks is my computer desk in my loft. Note the half painted Space Wolf army sitting to the left of the desk (ignore the crappy camera phone picture please!). I spend roughly 5+ hours on my computer every day. My army is STARING at me in the face, begging to be painted. You can't see it clearly, but I have my armies primary colors sitting on the table to the left of the monitor.

With my army constantly taunting me and asking to be painted I can't help but take 15 minutes here and and hour there to paint some helmets or basecoat 10 guys. My goal is to have the whole army painted by next Sunday, and using this method I progressively finish the army as a whole over the course of a week!

So next time your wishing you had your army painted, ask yourself this. What at home reminds you to do it? We are creatures of two things: habits and laziness. Everyone needs a reminder sometimes!

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