Friday, December 4, 2009

Six Elite Choices but only 3 Slots?! (Wolf Guard)

I only have 3 Elite Slots and 6 Potential Elite choice to pick from? Where do you even start when this is the case. Over the next few days I will run down the value or lack of value of each of the Space Wolves Elite choices.

So to start things off I will begin reviewing the Wolf Guard:

As the sergeants and leaders of the many squads of a chapter, the Wolf Guard must be both powerful, and versatile. With a huge list of upgrades and the ability to be used as a Pack Leader for younger, less experienced, squads, the Wolf Guard is a great place to start when thinking about your Elite options.

Right off the bat when you turn to the Wolf Guard entry it is easy to tell that these guys are extremely versatile, able to take a variety of weapons focused on close combat. No, no 10 man squads of lascannons, but that would be just silly right?

Standard Wolf Guard are Blood Claws with one extra attack and one higher Leadership, and without the headstrong rule. Additionally the may join squads of: Blood Claws, Swiftclaw Bikers, Grey Hunters, Wolf Scouts, and Long Fangs.

NOT Assault Packs.

They are also the only unit in the book that may take a Land Raider as a Dedicated Transport.


At 18 points a basic Wolf Guard is decent, better than the average marine by 1 attack, but its the upgrades that make these guys useful:

Either the bolt pistol or CC weap may become:

Bolter - Pointless
Storm bolter - Cheap and effective
Combi-weapon - For just 5 points? If you have 5 points why not?!
Power Weapon - Cheap, but better options
Plasma Pistol - Cheap, nice
Wolf Claw - Expensive and only useful in pairs
Power Fist - Less expensive than most other fists
Frost Blade - Nice choice over power weapon, a little pricey
Thunder Hammer - Just take a Power Fist
Storm Shield - Expensive

Terminator Upgrade - CHEAP! Makes all other upgrades cheaper

One for every five may have a:
Heavy Flamer - If you have 5 points why not?
Assault Cannon - We all love this weapon, a little pricey
Cyclone Missle Launcher - Pricey but 2 missiles a turn? Useful

If no Terminator:
Jump Pack - Extremely pricey and you may not join Assault packs
Bike - Pricey

May take Melta-Bombs for 5 points

ONE may have Mark of the Wulfen

ONE may become an awesome upgrade character (pricey but powerful)


Now that the upgrades are listed here are a few load outs to consider for your Wolf Guard:

Leaders of the Pack
Wolf Guard x 5
Terminator x 1
- Cyclone Missile Launcher
- Join Long Fangs and add even more punch to the squad
Everyone else join a squad of blood claws or grey hunters with either a combi-weapon or storm bolter and a power sword or a Mark of Wulfen.
Don't forget that adding them to a squad of Blood Claws or Bikers takes away Headstrong

"Take me to the enemy!"
Wolf Guard x 4
Terminator x 4
Wolf Claws x 3 (6 claws)
Storm Shield / Chainfist
Dedicated Land Raider
Run this squad with a wolf priest and run them into anything

Ragnar's Guard
Wolf Guard x 8
Storm Bolter x 8
Ragnar Blackmane
Wolf Priest
Dedicated Land Raider
Expensive but oh so satisfying to unleash this on your opponent


In closing, Wolf Guard can be a devastating unit if you choose the spend the points for it. Yes they can be inexpensive, but as an elite choice with tons of options they will quickly become a pricey unit to run. They can be either a supportive role or an assault role, it is all about how you gear them up. A solid elite choice for their points and overall a great starting point for the "What elite do I take?" Question


  1. Hrm. I'm not sure I agree 100% on your evaluation of the options, especially the Wolf Claw. I also think you could also have gone into Pack Leaders and mixed armour units a bit more. Still, not a bad review and you cover the salient points. Cheers!

  2. My take on wolf claws is that while yes they are a great choice, at 30 points for 2 of them you lose the ability to shoot, its no higher strength, and the re-roll, while useful, is not worth an extra 20 points per set.

    If you put on terminator armor for 15 and two claws for 20 thats more cost effective.

    Just my opinion though.

    Thanks for the comment!