Thursday, December 10, 2009

Six Elite Choices but only 3 Slots?! (Iron Priests)

In the great halls of the Fang dwell the mysterious servants of the Adeptus Mechanicus. All tools of war used by the Space Wolfs is maintained and created by the Iron Priests of the halls. It is the Iron Priest that keeps the chapter running just as much as the scores of pups and wolves that go to war.

Techpriests have always been an interesting part of the 40k universe, and the Iron Priests of Fenris are no exception to this rule. As another Elite Choice one may beg to question the usefulness of this entry into the codex. At 50 points, packed with Runic Armor, a Thunder Hammer, and the ability to repair vehicles, the Iron Priest can be seen as a bit of a bargain points-wise. This usefulness of these abilities, however, is questionable.

The Iron Priests have an interesting slew of upgrades available for them:

Up to Four Cyberwolves: Good bodyguards with a lot of attacks and high toughness
Up to Three Thrall-Servitors: Good for making those pesky repairs even easier
Bike: Not if you plan to take wolves
Thunderwolf Mount: Great addition if you plan to take wolves, Pricey
Wolftail Neclace: Decent at only WS3
Wolftail Talisman: Shouldn't need it
Saga of the Iron Wolf: Extra D3 movement in a vehicle = FAIL if you can't be in a squad or take a dedicated transport

Thralls can take a Plasma Cannon, Multi-Melta, or a Heavy Bolter.

Setups I have seen so far:

Iron Priest of the Wolf ----- 150 points
4 Cyberwolves
Thunderwolf Mount
Wolftail Necklace

This variant has 16 wolf attacks + 5 (total with the servo arm) S8/10 attacks on the charge and a 12" charge range. Great for rushing a Rhino full of guy or catching something unaware. A bit of a point sink at 150 points, but it has a high survival rate and capable of some unexpected havoc. For those of you who wish to make that all wolf list, this is a great addition as a skirmish thunderwolf unit.

Iron Priest of Iron ----- 95 Points
3 Thrall Servitors
Saga of the Iron Wolf

As odd as it may seem, this unit could find its place into some fluffy lists, however competitively will likely never be seen. This unit could accompany a Land Raider into the front lines and after it has dropped off its men the Iron Priest could jump inside and keep the thing running around, possibly contesting objectives or causing some damage.

Iron Priest/Firebase ----- 120 Points
3 Thrall Servitors
2 Plasma Cannons

No I do not believe this is a good choice for your 120 points, just saying I have seen it done and it is a possibility. Iron Priest sat back on an objective with a razorback and kept its lascannon going while servitors blasted away with plasma at incoming troops. Was 1/2 way effective until the razorback got destroyed and a couple of bolt pistols killed the servitors.


Overall the Iron Priest is an interesting choice for an Elite Slot, and with exception to the Wolf variant, the priest seems more like a conversion unit than a competitive unit. I suspect people will try their hand at the Iron Priest, but quickly switch to a Dreadnought or another squad of wolf guard before committing themselves to the Omnisiah

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